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  • The deadline for entering this year’s Charity Awards is fast approaching with applications closing on Friday 23rd February 2018.

    It’s easy and free to enter, you just need to consider your project and ensure you have enough evidence to back up your submission.

    You can download an application form from the website and you will need to submit your completed entry form via the website too.

    Enter the awards…

  • As part of its new charitable foundation, Dropbox has awarded unrestricted funding to four human rights charities.

    As well as an initial $20million being available in funding, the four chosen charities will receive support and advice from Dropbox employee volunteers with skills that match each organisation’s needs.

    The four selected charities are:

    – War Child UK, based in London
    – GOAL, based in Dublin
    – Larkin Street Youth Services, based in San Francisco
    – WITNESS, based in Brooklyn, New York.

    Dropbox Foundation will hand out grants to a new set of charities each year, with a focus on protecting and promoting human rights.

    The next round of applications will open towards the end of 2018.

    Interested in applying?

    Find out more on the Dropbox Foundation website…

  • Recently we built an online grant application and approval system for The Schroder Charity Trust where applications can be received, reviewed, shortlisted and approved by a group of Trust staff. Basing the application on a Drupal 8 framework made it cost-effective for the Trust as we could rely on the out-of-the-box features for many of the basic requirements. We also designed a simple logo and brand for them.

  • The Nuffield Foundation provide work placements to students who are in their first year of post-16 STEM courses. Administered by a network of coordinators across the UK via a dedicated website, this huge programme needed a robust and highly customised online solution. We’re excited to have created the site for them and launched it in time for their 2018 application process.

    Nuffield Research Placements

  • Have you got your Valentines card organ-ised yet this year?

    NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) have joined forces with Moonpig, launching a series of Valentines cards highlighting the importance of telling loved ones about a decision to become an organ donor.

    The cards are not only FREE but the delivery cost (65p) will be donated the the charity Transplant Sport.

  • A microsite has been launched this week by the Institute for Voluntary Action Research offering free advice to the third sector.

    The site covers a range of subject areas, from core funding, cross sector working, strategy planning and merger via video content, case studies and digital downloads.

    The site has been created ‘for the CEOs and trustees of small organisations in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.’

    The IVAR website says,

    “We recognise the complexity of life running a small organisation – particularly in the current economic and political context. We also know that the leaders of small organisations are always pushed for time. So, we have brought together the voices of practitioners and researchers to tell the story of our findings – with the aim that leaders can find useful, usable insights in 90 seconds.”

    Check out the website here…

  • Plastic Monkeys

    Increasing your donations is an ongoing, and seemingly never-ending process for charities and not-for-profits. It’s vital for you to grow and to continue raising awareness of your cause.

    Your web users have varying levels of engagement with your organisation. They will come to your site for different reasons and they will make different journeys through the site before deciding to click the donate button.

    There are plenty  of ways we can help you improve these journeys to donation. From integrating your site with beautiful and user-friendly payment gateways, to giving donors quick and distraction-free routes to the payment page.

    Do you know how many of your users click ‘Donate now’ and then abort mission without making a donation? Could you make this journey easier for them? And in turn, receive more donations?

    If you would like to know more, give us a call on 020 7739 8704 or contact us at

    For some helpful tips on improving your fundraising efforts via social media, take a couple of minutes to read this short article, courtesy of Charity Digital News. Read more…

  • Contributing back to the Drupal and WordPress communities

    31 January 2018

    At Fat Beehive we share a passion for the clients we work with and what they do – it drives and motivates us in all every day. But it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that we build and maintain a number of open source Drupal modules? Did you know we contribute to Drupal and WordPress core?

    For instance, we recently open sourced a plugin we built to allow direct debits to be taken from any forms that our clients build into their WordPress sites. We’ve also contributed to improving encryption, publishing workflows, and various other bug fixes. We are proud to give back and help the Drupal and WordPress communities grow.

  • You’ll remember the Google engineer, who, in 2017, authored the now infamous memo on the differences between men and women in tech. Those views hold no truth but mere symptoms of substantials barriers to entry and social conditioning faced by women and minorities in pursuing careers in technology.

    The ugly truth is that there is a diversity problem in our beloved sector. Not just on the other side of the pond and amongst the likes of Google, but here in the UK and in London – the most cosmopolitan of cities – and across agencyland.

  • What do SSL certificates and carrier pigeons have in common?

    17 January 2018

    A pigeon sitting on a wall

    With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws changing on 25th May 2018, there is plenty for organisations to think about when it comes to keeping their website secure and protecting users’ data.

    One of the surest ways to make your site more robust before you get headlong into the complexities of GDPR is to install an SSL certificate.

    This is something you have probably done already, since Google has been flagging websites without SSL installed as ‘Not Secure’ in the URL bar for a while. And, not having an SSL is bad for your SEO rankings.

    So, if you still don’t have an SSL, make getting one your belated New Year’s resolution!

    An SSL certificate encrypts information on your website when it is sent from server to server. So whenever your users enter a password, fill in a form or make a shop purchase, an SSL certificate will keep this data safe. And in fact, Google has since decided that an SSL is a prerequisite for a trustworthy and secure website, regardless of whether user data travels or not.

    If you have a spare 5 minutes and would like a crystal clear understanding of SSL and why your website needs one, we recommend you to read on for a perfect analogy involving carrier pigeons…

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