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  • Upcoming code sprint

    8 August 2017

    We’ll be participating in another open source code sprint this September – one of the ways we encourage giving back to the community and learning from each other.

    The event is hosted by Manifesto with collaboration from WP_Hooked, Drupal London, and Joomla, and ourselves. Fat Beehive will be providing refreshments and pizza.

    No experience necessary – there will be a morning session to help new contributors. Non-developers are also welcome to help with testing and reviewing!

    If you are interesting in getting involved or participating, please drop us a line to hello@fatbeehive with the subject title ‘Upcoming Code Sprint’, and we’ll send you more information including how to register.

    photo of a laptop with a coffee and notepad next to it

  • It’s been mental health awareness week this week. The theme has been surviving or thriving and we’ve spent some time as an office reflecting on what this means for us and our mental health  in the workplace. Here, our CEO Rachel offers up her thoughts.

    Rachel Chance CEO Fat Beehive

  • Last week, I interviewed a young guy for a position at Fat Beehive and inevitably asked him what he’s looking for and what has attracted him to us. “I need my work to have a social impact. It’s really important to me – perhaps it’s a Millennial thing,” he said with a smile.


  • 70 years of computer programming

    21 April 2017

    70 years ago this April, ENIAC, one of the very first general-purpose electronic computers, burst onto the scene (quite literally — it was used to run computations for the hydrogen bomb!). Forming a large collection of arithmetic machines, this computer could solve a huge number of complex numerical problems. The first programmers working with ENIAC were all women (true pioneers of women in tech!), yet their contribution to the computing programming profession remains a little known fact. Read more about their extraordinary contribution here. 


  • Yemen crisis hackathon

    20 April 2017

    Abi and Ben took part in a digital hackathon for the Yemen crisis last night. The purpose of the evening was to create impactful, shareable content for use by NGOs trying to raise awareness of the forgotten crisis destroying Yemen. Fulled by pizza, they took on the challenge with gusto and created fantastic, ready-to-share content in just three hours! Thanks to Crisis Action for putting on a fantastic evening!

  • Bold moves and go for it!

    9 March 2017

    On International Women’s Day 2017 Ladies that UX and General Assembly hosted an amazingly inspiring panel on equality in tech and people for change.

    Sophie Mitchell, Julie Kennedy and Merje Shaw are not only three successful ladies that UX but, most importantly, ladies who dare to take every opportunity, who are not afraid of facing risk or stepping out of their comfort zones – ultimately, ladies who boldly seize the moment.

    Their stories, views and contribution to a network that supports and empowers women to follow their passions, are truly inspiring examples of how much can be achieved by being bold.

    “There’s no point in waiting for the perfect time because it never happens – you either do it or you don’t” – Merje Shaw

  • Shut Down Cybersex Trafficking 

    21 February 2017

    Cybersex trafficking is a new and devastating form of slavery, with victims as young as 1 years’ old.

    Fat Beehive worked with IJM to launch their Shut Down Cybersex Trafficking campaign, aimed at raising awareness of this growing form of trafficking.

    Girl sits on mattress while looking at the camera, she looks impoverished and is shown as an example of the type of situation that victims of cyber sex trafficking find themselves in

    In this hard hitting campaign, IJM use videos to tell the stories of those affected and statistics illustrate the issue, as well demonstrate the positive impact that they are having in the Philippines and beyond.

    Find out more

  • Fat bees love pizza

    10 February 2017

    Abi, Amy and Ben traded artistic skill for pizza at the Pizza Pilgrims pop-up this week.

    We’re even better at designing websites. Take a look at our work

  • London Landmarks Half Marathon pre-registration launch

    6 February 2017

    This week saw the launch of the new London Landmarks Half Marathon. This exciting new half marathon route will pass many of the key landmarks across central London, including Nelson’s Column, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin and the Tower of London as well as “quirky and hidden” places such as the house where Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up Parliament.

    Organisers are hoping that the half marathon will raise around £4 million for about 100 charities.

    Race over to the Pre-Register site now to be the first to hear when public entry will open!

  • £200,000 for social enterprises in the UK

    7 November 2016

    Crowdfunder have launched an exciting new community programme with Santander called The Discovery Project to help one million people by 2020.

    The Changemaker Fund aims to help people discover the confidence to make the most of their future by building skills, growing knowledge and supporting social innovation.  Come up with a good idea and you could get 50% of the project funded, up to £10,000.

    Become a Changemaker

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