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29th February 2024

LIVE: Genetic Alliance UK

James Pettit

James Pettit

Showcasing inspiring campaigns such as #RareDiseaseDay

Campaigners for #RareDiseaseDay pose for a photo

For those with rare conditions, the journey from timely diagnosis, care, testing, services and treatment can be an isolating experience and one that is fraught with worry when tackled alone. 

It doesn’t have to be like this, which is where Genetic Alliance UK come in. As an alliance of over 200 charities and support groups working together, they do great work ensuring that this journey isn’t taken alone by improving the lives of people in the UK with genetic, rare and undiagnosed conditions.

A picture displaying the front page of the new website

We were proud to partner with Genetic Alliance UK to build their inspiring new website, which provides a unified sitemap and information architecture to include their SWAN UK Community and Rare Disease UK arms in one centralised hub. We created an optimised navigation which allows for improved content discoverability as well as ensuring that user journeys are smoother, more intuitive, and more accessible. A useful feature of their new website is the easily updateable database of membership organisations, which is displayed in as an A-Z members directory.

Check out the new website here.


Image giving details about Genetic Alliance UK members organisation and benefits of memberships

It’s fitting that the 29th of February, a unique day in our calendars, is Rare Disease Day, Genetic Alliance UK’s annual awareness-raising day. This campaign ensures that individuals living with rare conditions whilst their circumstances are unique, they are part of a collective community with Genetic Alliance UK and their member organisations. Check out how you can get involved in their #RareDiseaseDay 2024 campaign here.

A picture for Rare Disease Day campaign which states "there are 3.5 million people in the UK living with a rare condition."

Rare Disease Day is our annual awareness-raising day for 3.5 people across the UK affected by rare conditions, and in 2024 it takes place on 29 February ‘leap year’ which is the rarest day of the year. 

When we appointed Fat Beehive in Summer 2023 to transform our online presence into one centralised website where anyone can access a wide range of information and support, we knew it would be a challenge to launch in time for the big day.

We’re hugely grateful to the team at Fat Beehive for their expertise and creativity in designing this great new website to support the rare, genetic and undiagnosed communities.

And we’re delighted that they delivered on their commitment to make sure we could launch in time for Rare Disease Day 2024.

Louise Fish, Chief Executive

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