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25th July 2023

BuzzTalk003 - SEO: Content and Experience - Fat Beehive

Tom Moreton

Tom Moreton

Search Engine Optimisation is about content freshness and expertise. BCorporations are businesses that are assessed for high ethical standards - so you don't have to.

On Tuesday July 18th, Fat Beehive held Buzztalk003.

A 6pm start allowed attendees to enjoy a drink and converse with their fellow not-for-profit professionals.

We then held two 15 minutes talks:

  • Content and Experience: Simple steps to improve SEO performance from Jack Crowley, explaining what Google prioritises and how you can operate your website to surface it to more people.
  • B Corporations: why charities should work with ethical businesses, from Marcus Watson, discussing how organisations can evaluate suppliers and confidently choose suppliers who have standards that match your organisations ethical requirements.

Jack Crowley is a Senior Digital Strategist at Fat Beehive, establishing a measurable set of goals with clients, reporting and recommending actions to improve performance of the organisations website.

Marcus Watson is the Chief Executive Officer at Fat Beehive, focussing on diversity and equality of opportunity, and how Fat Beehive can contribute to the charity sector and the wider community through initiatives that include the Fat Beehive Foundation, being a B Corporation and the Fat Beehive Academy.

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