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8th April 2024

WordPress Lead Ash Matadeen says designing the website was a recent win for him, both professionally and personally. - Fat Beehive

Tom Moreton

Tom Moreton

The website homepage, an initiative by charity Dipex, is a site which shares the video stories of  people living with a wide variety of conditions. Users can discover first hand what it is like to suffer from these illnesses.


The old healthtalk site had been written in a little-used and unusual CMS, meaning the data was structured in a way which was incompatible with WordPress design. It was Ash’s task to plan and oversee the successful extraction and migration of the data into WordPress – a significant challenge. This was bespoke work; Ash was satisfied with the result, as was the client.

A screen shot of a code editor showing code used in the project

Code for the extraction and migration of data from the old site to the new.

Whilst working on, Ash was also able to gain insight into a condition he himself had developed, of which he has been able to gain little real understanding. As a result he came to fully appreciate the power of the work Dipex is offering in the form of direct narrative from fellow sufferers, bringing valuable help and support.

Image of Ash Matadeen working at a laptop with colleagues in the background

Ash, working on the Dipex HealthTalk website

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