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About Fat Beehive

We design stunning websites and brands for the not-for-profit sector and organisations committed to social good. We understand fixed budgets, tight deadlines and the importance of good humour – and great coffee!

We work with a range of organisations dedicated to social good, with a core specialism in charity web design, and we have highly committed staff who bring digital skills and knowledge from the public sector, commercial and not-for-profit worlds to the table. We’re experts at building WordPress and Drupal websites and know how to tailor these open-source platforms to your specific needs. We also offer UX research, digital strategy and branding as standalone services, so if that’s what you’re after, just let us know.

There are a ton of web design agencies out there, so here are the top reasons that we feel mark us out from the rest.

1. We’re charity web design experts

We’ve honed our craft to really understand what it takes to create exceptional not-for-profit websites and visual identities. Whether you’ve got numerous audience groups with very different requirements, a committed membership base, a need to inspire action at every level – or all of the above – we can find the right solution for you.

2. We’ve been doing this 25 years

It’s hard to imagine now, but both PayPal and Google didn’t even exist when we started back in 1997! We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, so we’re in a great position to build you a future-proof website that caters to your exact needs, rather than just representing the latest fad or trend. Take a trip down memory lane to read about our history.

3. We’ve got a multi-dimensional team

Our staff complement their charity web design expertise with know-how from a diverse range of sectors. We bring experience from top charities, the UN, the London School of Economics, print media outlets and more. Take this multi-sector knowledge, throw in a hefty dose of passion for the charity sector and you’ve got the Hive.

4. We live our values

It’s very important to us that we practice what we preach. We’ve all chosen to work in the charity web design sector because we want to help bring about positive social change – and we know that starts with us as individuals. We’re always challenging ourselves to work in a way that puts awareness of power, diversity and inclusivity at its heart.

We’ve also supported the launch of The Fat Beehive Foundation, an independent charity funding small grants to other charities in need of digital support.

5. We create superb websites and brands!

We feel that the strength of our work speaks for itself. Browse our recent projects to see the variety of clients we have and get an insight into our web design and branding processes. Or better still, get in contact with us to talk about your needs. We’ve always got time for a chat.

We are absolutely thrilled with the look, feel and usability of the LLHM website. Working with Fat Beehive was a pure delight.

Lia Bowman, Race Director, London Landmarks Half Marathon

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