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15th April 2024

Shahnaz’s Paneer Curry - a filmed recipe for Stories & Supper charity - Fat Beehive

Tom Moreton

Tom Moreton

Fat Beehive founder Tom made this short film for Stories & Supper, featuring Shahnaz making paneer curry, a dish from her Indian home, using traditional techniques she learnt from her mother. 

Stories & Supper brings together migrants, those seeking asylum, and local Waltham Forest residents, over food and stories, with the aim of providing support and challenging the migration narrative to create a more welcoming society. 

This is the first in a series of ten videos: Tom films with Stories and Supper trustee Laura Martinez, with production by charity director Helen Taylor. Each film features migrants cooking indigenous recipes, explaining why the food is special to them, and the importance of being a part of Stories & Supper. The series aims to extend the reach of the charity by showing migrants as individuals with homes, hopes and feelings, and to attract interest in the form of donations and mailing list sign-ups.

Shahnaz tells how valuable the support of Stories & Supper has been to her through the many harrowing challenges of gaining leave to remain in the UK after fleeing abuse in India, and of how cooking and eating good food helps her to relax.

Tom and the team were then lucky enough to sample the paneer curry, which was once again declared amazing by everyone, just like all the wonderful recipes featured in the Stories & Supper series.

Support Stories & Supper (and enrich your mind!) by watching the video, giving it a ‘Like’ and subscribing to the channel on YouTube for more amazing and interesting recipes (i.e. pumpkin curry with the skin left on. Spoiler – it was great!) You can also support them by buying the recipe book.

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