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Action Against Hunger

A new site and content strategy drive user actions through powerful imagery and storytelling

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The challenge

Over 20% of children under five globally* are affected by stunting due to undernutrition, a shocking statistic that highlights the ongoing food issues impacting millions worldwide. Although the trend is downwards, factors like entrenched inequality, climate change and social turmoil mean that there is still plenty of work to be done. 

Action Against Hunger (AAH) has been tackling this issue for 40 years, using innovative, community-focused methods to fight for a world that is free from hunger.


The new Action Against Hunger website design shown on devices

The brief

The old AAH site was outdated, with a user experience that lagged behind sector peers. It did not reflect Action Against Hunger’s identity or impact and only hinted at the personal stories at the heart of its work.

Their influential research needed a far more inviting layout, with clearer user journeys that tempted browsers to take action.

Content strategy and user discovery work for AAH
The Stories page on the AAH website
An article on the Action Against Hunger website
Our content strategy drove the impactful storytelling templates

The process

We collaborated towards a site that encourages users to browse beyond the key landing pages and begin a meaningful relationship with Action Against Hunger – whether through sharing content, taking a campaign action, making a donation or applying for a job. 

We put research at the heart of this process, building on their existing audience knowledge to create user personas and journeys that offer a blend of inspiration, aesthetic value and information, supported by our rich content strategy workshops.

The new Action Against Hunger website design
Action Against Hunger website design on two tablets
Action Against Hunger website design shown on various devices
The simple brand palette allows the imagery to shine

The solution

The website design and functionality are inclusive for all AAH’s audiences, whether a journalist, policymaker, casual site visitor or committed meaning seeker. The design stays true to the brand identity while pushing it further to solve uniquely digital challenges. 

The range of components appearing in different ways across different pages, gives the content editors flexibility, while still appearing on-brand and meeting priorities uncovered in the content strategy. 

The curated ‘Our impact’ page brings storytelling to the fore, displaying human stories in a much more ‘editorial’ approach than many listing news pages. Subtle motion and parallax enliven the design, while a vibrant image delights users in the footer. 

As well as the option to share on social media, each blog article asks users to take an action, with ‘related content’ components ensuring no dead-end journeys. The flexibility of the Page Builder components built into the bespoke WordPress CMS enables content producers to create enticing pages, featuring promos, image galleries and calls to action.

The easter egg image in the Action Against Hunger footer
The footer reveals a full-screen image to delight users

The clean and clear design strips away unnecessary distractions, enabling users to read and take action on hunger. With fantastic responses from the AAH team, phase two of the site is already underway, with a focus on interactive maps, the careers portal and online petitions. For now, we’ll continue supporting Action Against Hunger, their team and their vision of a world free from hunger.

* According to the WHO, over 20% of children under five globally are affected by stunting due to undernutrition.

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Action Against Hunger logo on green background
“We’re delighted with our new website. The bold, impactful design is on brand and allows us to make the most of our photo and story content from the 46 countries where we work. The simple navigation has significantly improved user journeys and we’re already starting to see a big increase in conversions on the website. From design until launch, the new website was excellently project managed – a big thank you to the Fat Beehive team!”
Jimmy Perkins, Digital Communications Manager, Action Against Hunger

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