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30th March 2023

LIVE: An effective and thoughtful new website for Barts Charity

In Celebration of Barts 900, the heart of East London gets a new lease of life.

Barts Charity aim is to support improvements within the healthcare sector as well as transformative research for local health benefits. Barts works hand in hand with local research institutes, the NHS, as well as many others aiding them towards fulfilling their targets and positively impacting their community through research and grants. In need of a remodelled modern website for users and with 2023 being the 900th anniversary of St Bartholomew, armed with a new brand we partnered with the charity to create a new digital home.
Our design was selected to be featured in The Best Nonprofit Website Designs by DesignRush, a platform known for promoting the best designs

Barts Charity homepage on desktop

The new and improved website is slick and informative, with a East London themed design as well as images of the public highlighting the diversity of East London. The new story templates are eye-catching and informative, showcasing the actions that are taking place within East London’s health sector, how people can support their cause, and the community benefitting from such. The new information architecture focuses on showcasing their mission and provides updates to what is happening within the community, which has been developed through UX research, focusing on real users and how they engage with the charity online.

Barts Charity statistics component

The new site showcases the opportunities for the public to get involved in fundraisers through reimagined calls to action and innovative digital fundraising routes. Futureproofed and ambitious, here’s to the next 900 years!

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