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26th April 2023

Fat Beehive - Buzztalk002 - Reframing Accessibility

Tom Moreton

Tom Moreton

The importance of researching the needs of potential users

On Tuesday 25th April 2023, Fat Beehive held Buzztalk002.

Fat Beehive invited associates to a BuzzTalk on the importance of enhancing UX and accessibility. After some food, drinks, and chat with their fellow not-for-profit professionals, attendees heard Anna Alabau speak about the need to address the needs of all website visitors.

There is no such thing as bad accessibility, only inaccessibility – if a user’s needs are not met, navigation becomes impossible, and they will leave.

The talk led us through various aspects of accessibility:

    • Why do inaccessible websites get made? The need for due diligence and robust research in design, not rushing to solutions
    • Challenging single-focus perspective: observing the full spectrum of needs to avoid limiting neglecting potential users
    • Will accessibility detrimentally affect other factors? Why a usable website need not compromise aesthetics or cost
    • The importance of ongoing qualitative research
    • What design factors to consider when designing to maximise accessibility

Anna explained why making a website usable by all can bring enormous benefits, including

    • Better SEO ranking
    • Improved discoverability
    • Reduction in frustrations
    • Positive user experience leading to better engagement in content 

And of course, most importantly, vulnerable users are able to read and act upon the information on the website.

Anna Alabau is the Head of UX, Research and Strategy at Fat Beehive and leads on Discovery for all projects to ensure all our work is supported by data and evidence. 

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