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7th September 2021

LIVE: A modern and flexible new site for CAMFED


Anna Alabau Producer

A strategic and developed palette elevates the empowering new platform

Since 1993, CAMFED has been providing educational opportunities for young women and girls across sub-Saharan Africa to tackle poverty and inequality. Through the CAMFED Association, women are making a difference on challenges their countries face from child marriage to education inequality and through their network of pan-African leaders, more girls are joining them in creating positive change.


Listings templates for CAMFED

Recently awarded the 2021 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, CAMFED’s new platform reflects the inspiring and uplifting nature of its mission. Such a message is present in the imagery used throughout the website which utilises the organisation’s wealth of photography and has women and girls front and centre. Supported by a stone circle motif and brushstroke patterns, content is differentiated through a neutral yet traditional palette. 

Stories and the power of narrative are central to the new website and drive content throughout user journeys. Moreover, CAMFED’s supporters and donors are at the heart of the development. Powerful calls to action such as ‘ignite change’ spur curiosity, while the updating donor board displays the name of supporters and their donation value, reflecting CAMFED’s values of collaboration and community.

With a flexible CMS and improved UX, the new CAMFED website allows the organisation to continue to progress the world-changing power of girl’s education.

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