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10th May 2024

Young Epilepsy and their vital mission

Tom Moreton

Tom Moreton

Jake, our Account Manager to Young Epilepsy, helps build a productive long term relationship

Fat Beehive’s Jake Harrison enjoys his work most when he has the opportunity to build an excellent relationship over time with a client. He spotlights Young Epilepsy here, with whom he’s been working for almost a year, and has great respect for their vital mission.


Young Epilepsy is a charity which supports young people with epilepsy, making sure their voices are heard and their rights protected. They campaign, fundraise and research, whilst offering health services, support and information to young people and their families and teachers. Additionally they aim to educate healthcare professionals, along with the general public. The charity also runs St Piers School and College, an alternative education provider for young people with epilepsy.

Jake, Young Epilepsy’s Account Manager at Fat Beehive, explains how the brief was essentially to build two mirrored websites for the charity and the college: these have the same content management system driving the sites but a very different design base for each, an efficient solution which saved on build costs and works effectively for Young Epilepsy.

Jake Harrison, a senior account manager at Fat Beehive

Jake Harrison, a senior account manager at Fat Beehive

Jake has liaised and supported Young Epilepsy since the sites have gone live. Work progresses in improving page builders, bettering SEO and redirects, and on building new functionality. Young Epilepsy have engaged Fat Beehive’s Quarterly Reporting service, providing goal setting, analysis and guidance to provide a website that increasingly delivers for its users and ensures a regular cadence of evidence-based strategic thinking around the website.

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