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3rd May 2024

Personal resonance with Cats Protection - Fat Beehive

Tom Moreton

Tom Moreton

Working on a project with personal resonance is what brings real synergy into the workplace. This was Emma’s experience when Fat Beehive partnered with Cats Protection. 

Emma and her Cats Protection rescue cat, Oscar

A passionate advocate for all animals, Emma Bailey feels real momentum working with Cats Protection. With a history in campaign management, she gets the best from her role as part of Fat Beehive’s project management team when it’s charities with whom she feels a big connection. ‘It feels like you’re doing a little more when you’re in tune with their vision and mission’, she says. Already a supporter of Cats Protection, this is where both her beloved rescues were adopted from.

Emma enjoyed consulting on this big research project, especially as the team at Cats were passionate about wanting to create something ambitious and compelling. She found them to be dedicated to understanding their audience – a real strength of the Fat Beehive Team. Anna and Katia, the UX team, conducted in-depth qualitative research for Cats. And this was a subject to which Emma felt she could really contribute with this client, having effectively been their user whilst herself looking to adopt her pets.

And then it was a joy to see the work from Fat Beehive designer Roni – a great excuse to look at cat pictures.

User Journey and wireframe outputs from the Cat Protection research project.

Progress catch-ups often ended with a more personal connection about pets, with the Cats Protection team’s dogs making themselves heard, along with Emma’s cat Oscar snoring along on the team calls.

Emma is looking forward to partnering with Cats Protection on potential future research projects into their regional campaigns.

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