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10th July 2018

Tommy’s #TogetherForChange campaign - Fat Beehive

Today, Tommy's launched an incredible new campaign 'Together for change', calling for more open and kind discussion to challenge the stigma of silence around baby loss

No one should feel like they should suffer baby loss alone. Today, Tommy’s launched an incredible new campaign ‘Together for change‘, calling for more open and kind discussion to challenge the stigma of silence around baby loss. The campaign highlights the effects that social media can have through a series of videos and a new community forum.  By increasing awareness about baby loss, we can increase the chances of support available by breaking the taboo and shame that come attached to it.

We know social media has a huge role in our lives and that of parents who have lost babies. We see so many women connecting not only with our research and midwives, but with each other – sharing their experiences, offering advice and support and coming together to tackle the stigma of baby loss.

We hope that by encouraging and supporting mums and dads to speak about baby loss, we can move to a deeper understanding of their experiences which will in turn make it much easier for us to engage in research and care for bereaved parents.

Siobhan Gray, Head of Brand, Tommy’s

Its campaigns like this that are at the heart of why Fat Beehive do what we do. We are proud to partner with Tommy’s and have seen first hand the devastating effects that miscarriage can have and the priceless support that Tommy’s provides.

To support the campaign, we created a new hub to house the fantastic videos as well as integrate a flexible social media consolidator feed to really showcase the wider impact and openness that the campaign has. This new campaign hub is fantastic as importantly it is flexible, scalable and reusable; offering the Tommy’s team the structure and support for future impactful campaigns.

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