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15th February 2018

Taking the grant approval process online

Recently we built an online grant application and approval system for The Schroder Charity Trust where applications can be received, reviewed, shortlisted and approved by a group of Trust staff. Basing the application on a Drupal 8 framework made it cost-effective for the Trust as we could rely on the out-of-the-box features for many of the basic requirements. We also designed a simple logo and brand for them.

The Schroder Charity Trust has been supporting the UK charity sector with grants for over 70 years but always managed the hundreds of applications that they receive on paper, and had no online presence at all. Their decisive move to a completely online system also raised the need for a basic brand style including a logo; something they’d never had before.

It was essential for us to ensure that all stages of the Trust’s internal processes – from reviewing submissions to shortlisting and grant approvals – were replicated in an online application that could easily be understood by applicants and administrators. Thorough face-to-face training was given and the site went live in time for the opening of their current application round.

Check out the site here…

Applicants can apply, check their status and view copies of their application and all functions are equally possible on mobile devices. Conversely, we built in checks to ensure that applicants cannot do certain things that cause unnecessary work for the Trust, such as reapplying too soon or requesting grants within areas that the Trust do not support.

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