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23rd June 2021

LIVE: An accessible new site for The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

A comprehensive discovery phase allows this user-led site to shine

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation is the UK’s only charity for people with severe learning disabilities and associated behaviour challenges. They are dedicated to making a difference by providing information, support, running workshops and speaking up for families at a national level. For the Foundation, their website is often the first point of contact for their audiences and is a crucial tool for those seeking support. It was thus vital that the discovery stage of the project focused on accessibility for all the site’s potential users. 

When creating a site structure through virtual workshops hosted on Miro, we kept in mind the user experience and that all the information would be easy to navigate to. 

As an organisation, the Foundation is trying to reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness in the people they support, as well as improving their mental health through the services they provide. This commitment was central to our design thinking, translating to clean and friendly layouts, softened with curved corners and approachable colours.

Moreover, we wanted the design to be both engaging and inspiring while not being overwhelming for any audiences – be they parents, support workers or healthcare professionals. And by building the site in WordPress, the Foundation also has a modern and flexible content management system that caters to all their needs.

Website design of the new Challenging Behaviour Foundation website

A snapshot of the immersive new design

“Fat Beehive helped us decide how the site should look, so our customers can easily find what they are looking for in a visually engaging way. They quickly and efficiently tweaked the site to remove any bugs and offered useful advice on best practice to display the site’s content. Their systems were such that nothing was overlooked, and all of our feedback was implemented, despite us being on a tight budget. Thanks to Jack and the team for a great effort.”

– Katie Newrick, Communications Officer

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