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2nd March 2022

LIVE: A sleek and reimagined new space for The Sigrid Rausing Trust

Beautiful typography and unique uses of white space provide a professional feel for the grant giving charity

Inspired by experiences during her fieldwork in the former Soviet Union, Sigrid Rausing founded the Trust in 1995 with a focus on promoting the values and principles of human rights, equality and the rule of law and with a focus on preserving nature. Now one of the UK’s largest philanthropic foundations, the Trust has awarded over 800 grants worth upwards of £450m.

SRT grant search on multiple devices

Such a prestigious organisation needs a digital platform that represents its status and the new website provides such. The Plantin font against white space reflects the charity’s professional outlook in tackling such necessary and serious issues. Minimalist brand refreshments and effective storytelling ensure the Trust can expand its reach and continue to support essential causes.

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