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15th February 2022

Why do Core Web Vitals matter?

We take a look at the growing importance of Core Web Vitals for the Third Sector

Core web vitals and Google’s page experience – you probably came across both of these back in 2021. But what do they mean for you?

Way back in distant history, well, in the 90’s, we all relied on a dial-up connection to access websites. We waited for ages for pictures to load, and if the site used Flash, there was time to make a cup of tea. Nowadays things are different. Users don’t want to wait for ages for a site to load, especially when they are stuck on a cold bus in a traffic jam – they want it now.

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The need to optimise content on the internet has taken a while to arrive as browsing speeds have increased so quickly. But with users showing that speed is important, search engines have followed with the introduction of metrics for loading and interaction times, alongside other measures of a good user experience. Google has added these metrics into their search algorithms, which may impact placements in search results and whether people can find your site.

A fast site, with unique and engaging content that’s easy to use and looks great, is always the goal. At Fat Beehive, we work with charities to achieve exactly that. Get in touch and speak with our strategy lead to learn more about Core Web Vitals and why they need your attention.

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