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Young Women’s Trust microsite

Valuing young women’s extraordinary unpaid work with an online calculator

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The challenge

Young women face numerous societal barriers: from everyday sexism to outright discrimination and even violence. It’s time that the structural and attitudinal factors behind this change for good and that policy is updated to match. Young Women’s Trust (YWT) works to achieve this lasting change, with a core focus on securing economic justice for young women, in all its forms. 

The Young Women Count campaign site on mobile devices

The brief

Young women’s unpaid work keeps families afloat, provides job opportunities for others and drives economic growth. Without it, society would fall apart. But could we put a figure to that unpaid work? 

Ahead of a complete website redesign and rebuild, YWT approached Fat Beehive with a campaign idea to measure this with an online calculator.

The process

The #YoungWomenCount digital calculator needed to be live in 8 weeks to fit into a wider International Women’s Day campaign, including a group of young women going to Parliament Square with giant calculators. 

The design used their current branding with a bold colour palette enticing users to complete details in categories such as ‘Housework including cooking, cleaning and laundry’, ‘Caring for children’, ‘Transport’ and ‘Volunteering’.  

The steps in the Young Women Count campaign calculator on mobile phones

The solution

The calculator adds up how much young women’s weekly unpaid work would cost the economy on an annual basis, to highlight the enormous contribution made by young women. YWT analysis of ONS data has found the unpaid work of young women aged 18-30 contributes at least £140 billion to the UK economy! (For comparison, the financial services industry contributed £132 billion to the economy in 2018.)

Built and hosted on Netlify to ensure a fast turn-around and a clever allocation of the budget, the calculator was a simple and effective way to engage their audiences and drive the campaign. Users could discover their own totals, share them on social media and sign up to the YWT mailing list.

The Young Women Count campaign calculator on various devices


In the first 24 hours of the campaign...


young women signed, with no paid marketing support


average time on the microsite, in minutes


users from UK (main target audience)

Young Women's Trust logo
“We wanted a bold microsite to launch our campaign highlighting young women's unpaid work. Fat Beehive delivered a fresh design and an engaging site within a short time frame. It launched without a hitch on International Women's Day and we were so pleased with the site and its contribution to the success of the campaign.””
Sarah Sheerman-Chase, Digital Transformation Lead, Young Women’s Trust

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