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16th November 2018

Banging the drum for social purpose - Fat Beehive

We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the 2018 Best Digital Campaign at The Drum Social Purpose Awards for the Tommy’s pre-pregnancy web app.

Tommy’s pre-pregnancy web app was designed and built with our cracking in-house team (including writing the underlying algorithm) the web app helps women assess their chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

The user-friendly design is accessible and reassuring to ensure that users feel supported

In a survey of more than 750 women, pregnancy health charity Tommy’s found that the majority of women put more thought and planning into an annual holiday than they do a pregnancy. Most weren’t aware that they needed to prepare in any way other than stopping contraception.

Therefore Tommy’s, in partnership with Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Public Health England and the UCL Institute for Women’s Health, launched the digital tool. Designed and built by Fat Beehive, it gives women quick and easy access to all the information they need to know when planning a pregnancy, tailored to their individual circumstances.

The app presents complex and data-led content in a quiz format, making it accessible for a much wider range of audiences than traditional medical marketing or content. The tool was launched in June 2018 with a national #AreYouReady campaign to raise awareness of the importance of planning for pregnancy as a factor in having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

With over 75,000 users since launch, you can try out the quiz for yourself.

The Drum Social Purpose Awards recognise marketing that drives forward socially responsible change – something that’s at the heart of Fat Beehive.

The winner is announced on the 29th November – we’ll let you know how we do!

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