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18th September 2019

Fat Beehive - Are you eligible for the Climate Communication Awards?

If you're involved in furthering public engagement, communications research or visuals relating to climate change, you’ve got 2 weeks left to enter into Climate Outreach’s awards. 

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today. So it’s vital that we understand what climate change is, how our behaviour is contributing to the problem, and what we can do to combat it.

This issue often seems complicated, distant – something that affects other people, or is someone else’s responsibility to fix – so getting people engaged can feel like an uphill struggle.

Since 2004 Climate Outreach have been tackling this challenge head-on. Their pioneering, people-focused approach to climate change communications engages hard-to-reach audiences and keeps climate science accessible and inclusive.

To mark their 15th anniversary, Climate Outreach are launching the Climate Communication Awards. 4 awards are up for grabs, and the aim is to celebrate ground-breaking climate communications from around the world.  

Three awards cover public engagement, communications research and visuals photography, and will be judged by an expert panel, with the winner of each category receiving £1000. A fourth award – Climate Change Communicator of the Year – will be chosen via a public vote. The deadline for applications is 1pm BST on 4 October and the awards ceremony is on 7 November at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.

So if you’ve recently carried out a project to increase public engagement with climate change, undertaken innovative research into climate communications, or wowed audiences with impactful climate visuals, these awards are for you. If you want to nominate someone to be the Climate Change Communicator of the Year, click here to find out more.

Climate Outreach’s trailblazing work shows the impact good communications can have on tackling climate change. Here at Fat Beehive we’re passionate about using our digital communications expertise to make a difference too. We’re proud to have recently collaborated with Greenpeace and you can learn about how we worked with the Environmental Investigation Agency on their swanky new website here.

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