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Diversity at Fat Beehive

Mark (CEO) and Caroline (Head of Client Strategy and Partnerships) discuss why diversity is important and what we do to achieve greater diversity at Fat Beehive.

Video transcript

Mark Watson, CEO Fat Beehive: The tech industry does have a problem with diversity. BAME people are underrepresented, disabled people are underrepresented. Now that’s a problem for any business because a great business needs great diversity. It needs new people coming in, new ideas, new ways of thinking. If the organisation is full of people that look the same and think the same you don’t get that great diversity of thought.

Caroline Taylor, Head of Client Strategy and Partnerships: I stand behind and advocate ensuring diversity and gender balance across the sector but particularly at Fat Beehive.

Mark Watson: As a gay man I’m aware that small changes in the language and culture of an organisation can make big differences to different groups, particularly those groups that are underrepresented. All our staff undertake equality and diversity training, all of our interviews follow best practice. We provide flexible working for all of our staff, particularly for women who have caring responsibilities,home working for disabled members of staff. We work with Leonard Cheshire to get disabled students an opportunity to work within an organisation and we offer the guaranteed interview scheme for disabled candidates. So we will do everything we can to try and attract the very best people from a very diverse range of backgrounds.

Caroline Taylor: We’re really keen to hear from the underrepresented sections of society, we want more women in tech. If there’s a role on our site that you think you might be interested in, apply for it. Equalities is not about treating everybody the same, it’s making sure everybody has those same opportunities to apply.

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