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30th May 2018

What went live – May 2018 - Fat Beehive

While we don’t often blow our own trumpets, here are a few projects that have recently gone live. From empowering Lymphoma patients with an in-depth and rebranded site to helping UNESCO review prize applications, there’s always a lot happening at the Beehive

Lymphoma action website designs on a tablet device

Lymphoma action website design

Lymphoma Action new site

This deeply layered and detailed site (above) tied into a bright and optimistic rebrand by an external agency.

The site is on-brand, with great UI and a clear focus on users needs, including a drop-down menu on the homepage asking “I am:”.

An event map brings the scale of the organisation and its support networks to life. The donate journey is clear, simple and effective.

We’re excited to see how the site evolves with such strong focus on patients’ stories and professionals’ needs.

Visit the new Lymphoma Action site

UNESCO Newton Prize application review system

We’ve created a multi-step review backend system with a simple dashboard for UNESCO staff. Applications for the Newton Prize can be assigned to reviewers, scored and checked over by decision makers to award their prizes.

Gulf Investment Tracker website design

Gulf Investment Tracker

This site, above, is designed to help businesses, investors, civil society, international institutions, academics, and journalists understand the landscape of companies investing in and employing migrant workers in the Gulf.

The Gulf Construction Tracker is a joint project between Business & Human Rights Resource Centre and the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights, supported by Humanity United.

Fat Beehive brought the data to life with interactive graphs and animated stats, showing how cold information doesn’t need to be boring.

See the Gulf Construction Tracker site

The Guild of Pastoral Psychology

A vivid and warm design brings this unique organisation an approachable online presence.

With a painting by Carl Jung as inspiration, we built a responsive site including a filterable resources database and events calendar, offering members many ways of engaging with the organisation.

Visit The Guild’s site


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