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18th September 2018

Using digital to make a difference - Fat Beehive

Fat Beehive are delighted to be sponsoring the Digital Innovation of the Year category at The Third Sector Awards on Thursday 20th September. All charities recognise that digital has a huge role to play in meeting service user’s needs. Each of the four finalists below has come up with a brilliant idea to harness new technology to help solve some of the hardest problems facing society.


Personalised fundraiser videos

The British Heart Foundation recognised that developing relationships with supporters is key to the ongoing success of any fundraising strategy. Sending the same comms to all participants with the odd bit of first name personalisation doesn’t stand out any more.

The BHF created a platform that allowed fundraisers to become the stars of their story, they created personalised videos that drew data from their CRM and via the JustGiving API to create thousands of videos for their fundraisers that drove awareness, increased fundraising by 14% and helped develop a relationship between the charity and their supporters.

An interactive quiz

One campaign’s 9 Countries Quiz has engaged an audience of more than 2.7 million people globally and mobilised them to take political action to help end the girls’ education crisis – with over 550,000 petition signatures to date.

The interactive game draws people into the site but manages to get across very serious messages, encouraging a wide audience to engage with the issue of poverty in Africa and education gender inequality.

Read about Fat Beehive’s webapp quiz, recently developed with Tommy’s, to help women have healthy pregnancies. The algorithm Fat Beehive devised was stress tested and approved by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Public Health England and the UCL Institute for Women’s Health, who all stand behind each result.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot

Wateraid used the power of Facebook’s Messenger app to create a chatbot ‘Talk to Sellu’ that allowed users could explore the daily life and culture of Tombohuaun in Sierra Leone. The stories relayed through the chatbot emphasised the similarities as well as differences of life in the UK and life in Tombohuaun, including the crucial role a lack of clean water and decent sanitation played on the health and wellbeing of the community.

The chatbot allowed users to write questions and learn about life in the village and the improvements made through the installation of water pumps and sanitation, creating a closer bond between supporters allowing them to see the difference their support makes.

Loyalty cards for substance misusers

Westminster Drugs Projects’ WDP Capital Card could provide the model for how charities support service users in future. The loyalty card scheme rewards appointment attendance and treatment engagement through a simple earn-spend points system. Incentivising positive behaviour, service users accrue ‘Spend Points’ redeemable in their local communities.

The WDP Capital Card increases the reach of the project taking the scheme from the treatment centre and using surrounding community services to improve the recovery cycle.

We are proud to sponsor this category and recognise the brilliant work of all of the shortlisted entries. See the Third Sector Awards site for all the other nominations and more.

Look forward to meeting all the nominations and everyone attending the event on Thursday night. Good luck!

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