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23rd September 2022

LIVE: A new information hub for NCTJ

The new website houses a host of resources, courses and news for the next generation of journalists

As the organisation that runs the leading training scheme for journalists in the UK, the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) now has a new website that provides users with a seamless digital experience to advance their careers.

NCTJ homepage on a laptop

Featuring a powerful new course searching functionality, budding journalists are able to filter through a wide range of courses by type and location. Using a powerful WooCommerce integration, the platform also allows users to instantly purchase training materials and courses to advance their knowledge and skills.

NCTJ components on iPhone screens

Featuring other bespoke templates including news, events and webforms, the new website acts as a new and professional platform for helping journalists find opportunities and courses to develop their careers.

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