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4th November 2020

LIVE: Climate Action 100+ new website - Fat Beehive

Fat Beehive has launched the new Climate Action 100+ website. This coalition of some of the world’s largest investors challenges corporations to improve their practices towards a greener future.

Climate Action 100+ website design

Earth is the only home we have. It is imperative that we find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and speed up our global transition to clean energy. The Climate Action 100+ initiative is an attempt to do just that, working to engage fossil fuel companies and make the case for change. 

The initiative is proving successful, as is shown by the recent turning tide: in 2019 Shell linked emissions to investor pay, following pressure from investors; and the world’s biggest fund manager Blackrock has vowed to divest from thermal coal

Climate Action 100+, a coalition of some of the world’s largest investors, who together manage $32 trillion in assets, now has a website to support this push towards a greener future.

See the new ClimateAction 100+ site

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