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12th April 2021

LIVE: The Human Dignity Trust’s new interactive tool - Fat Beehive

Interactive features and an immersive functionality showcases the Trust’s #ChangingLawsChangingLives research findings

Since 2015, The Human Dignity Trust has been analysing the need and opportunity for legislative reform of sexual offences and related laws that discriminate against marginalised communities, particularly in Commonwealth countries. Central to their success in delivering change is their research findings which, thanks to the #ChangingLawsChangingLives tool are now presented in a way that is both interactive and accessible.

Infographic design for the Human Dignity Trust's Changing Laws, Changing Lives campaign

The tool compares data across 17 indicators and allows users to filter by country.

The brief originally called for an interactive map to display the data, however through further investigation, an infographic was revealed as the more effective solution for users. 

The infographic condenses hundreds of the Trust’s data findings through RAG statuses and allows users to filter findings by country and indicator as well as compare countries across criteria. Following their successful rebrand, the digital tool enables the Trust to build on work already undertaken in supporting the reform of sexual offences, hate crime and anti-discrimination legislation.

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