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19th July 2021

New employment partnership launched with Code Your Future to increase diversity in tech

We have joined forces with the NGO that teaches refugees and disadvantaged people programming skills free of charge

As part of our drive to further increase diversity within the tech sector, we are proud to announce that we have entered a new employment partnership with CodeYourFuture. The partnership has already provided success with Sonjida, a Code Your Future graduate, joining Fat Beehive as an Associate Producer this July.

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Germán Bencci, the organisation was born out of a desire to offer alternatives to code schools with cost-related barriers and supplement the skills shortage within the tech sector. Aiming to help those from the refugee community and low-income backgrounds, the charity now has graduates working at the likes of the BBC, The Financial Times and Deloitte.

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Coming together over a shared vision to make the tech sector more diverse, inclusive and competitive, the new employment partnership will create more opportunities for roles within the tech sector for Code Your Future’s Graduates. 

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Fat Beehive has always been a champion for increasing diversity in the tech sector but we realised this wasn’t just going to happen unless we were proactive – so we are very pleased to be working with Code Your Future who are able to provide us with well trained, high quality, highly motivated candidates like Sonjide that bring different life experiences to the team. Diverse teams not only represent a fair and open workplace but create a diversity of thought, greater potential for new ideas and innovative problem-solving.


Mark Watson CEO

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We help close the diversity gap in the tech industry. It’s our mission to support people like Sonjida, who didn’t have any experience in tech before and it’s now getting her first job as a product manager. We are thrilled to work together with an organisation that is adding incredible social value through their clients and offering


Germán Bencci Founder

In 2020, Code Your Future won awards at both the Global Good Awards and the Third Sector Business Charity Awards for their work.

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