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9th January 2023

LIVE: An impactful and effective website for LandAid

The reimagined platform gives this unique youth homelessness charity a platform for growth

For over 30 years, LandAid has been partnering with businesses and individuals within the property industry to end youth homelessness. Rising rents, reductions in benefits and the cost-of-living crisis have meant that young people are currently the most vulnerable group at risk of being pushed into homelessness.

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Through a unique approach to services that focus on the property industry, LandAid has made a significant impact in delivering accommodation for young people and overhauling systems that allow homelessness to continue. However, there’s still much more that needs to be done and we were proud to be a part of this journey.

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The brand-new website finely balances simple and clean navigation with a newly developed colour palette that brings the organisation’s character and focus on young people to the fore. While a new stories template gives space to those who have benefitted from LandAid’s services, a revised information architecture and focus on calls to action provide potential partners and supporters with a clear direction of how to join the organisation’s network.

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With a target to create 1,000 homes for young people and increase the value of their pro bono programme to over £1m per annum, the functional new platform offers the charity an upgraded tool to increase partnerships and ultimately achieve this goal.

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We started work with Fat Beehive in early 2022 to proceed with a much-needed overhaul of our website. We set out with three key objectives: to refresh the overall design, to draw out the visibility around the impact of our work, and to simplify the user journey across the site. We were taken through a very thorough process with Fat Beehive that involved key stakeholders from across the property and charity industries. We were led by Fat Beehive to draw out the detail we needed to build the best website possible for our audiences. Our new and improved website launched in December 2022, and we are extremely happy with the overall result.

Lauren Doy, Communications and Engagement Manager

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