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User research and digital design for the UK’s leading financial insecurity charity

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The challenge

With rising costs and soaring inflation, Turn2us has been at the forefront of supporting those struggling with their finances. Through practical support and a wealth of information, the charity works with individuals with lived experience to develop schemes to support members of the public who face financial shocks and difficulties. 

Now with growing numbers of enquiries against the backdrop of economic turbulence, we partnered with Turn2us to develop their information architecture through user consultation to develop optimised digital journeys for those seeking support.

The brief

Anecdotal feedback from users, coupled with analytics data had meant Turn2us knew they had to reimagine their site so that it better serviced the needs of their users, often in states of anxiety or with reduced mental bandwidth due to financial struggles. 

The team at Turn2us had a wealth of understanding when it came to the technical aspects of digital transformation however, they wanted to work with a third party to ensure that content, information architecture and user experience were tailored to the needs of their audience and find out more about user behaviour.

The overall intention for the project was to improve both the usability and accessibility of the website, in turn increasing the proportion of people taking certain actions such as utilising their Benefits Calculator tool.

Turn2us page hierarchy

The process

The first step in the process was to analyse the effectiveness of the existing website, putting tangible user and stakeholder data in place to inform our decisions and recommendations for how to improve processes. Through tree test studies, we were able to deduce where users were becoming confused in their journey to find content or how linguistic choices across certain calls to action hindered quality user experience. 

Following this, we then worked with the Turn2us team to map out current and ideal user journeys and how we could build towards these on a new digital platform. Through Miro, we visualised our researched data and then workshopped this with the wider Turn2us team to ensure each discipline within the organisation was represented. To validate our findings, we conducted user surveys and then paired this with the aforementioned research to create optimised user journeys.

Translating this into digital blueprints meant analysing Turn2us’s existing and proposed content and thinking about how this should be structured to accommodate the user journeys we had developed. To do this, we worked through a number of different workshops with the charity’s wider teams, interrogating navigational and structural decisions.

Turn2us pages
Turn2us brand assets
Turn2us homepage
The user research influenced our UX design process.

The solution

Following intensive research and collaborative activities with Turn2us, we have been able to develop optimised user journeys for the charity to use as a marker when making decisions about changes to their website. Coupled with this, we also provided Turn2us with recommendations on key templates for the website, underpinned by real user data so their audiences can find exactly what they need in the places they would expect to find it. 

In addition to this, we also utilised user and stakeholder research alongside Turn2us’s brand assets to develop refreshed wireframes and digital designs for key pages. Slick, clean and yet warm, the new designs present Turn2us as an organisation that can be trusted for support and confided in by those struggling financially. Human-centred photography and design elicit reliability for users, while softer orange hues drawing on the charity’s brand colours guide visitors to the site to key resources and information.

The team at Fat Beehive have been a joy to work with. Their expertise and patience were incredibly helpful and their willingness to work alongside our team to produce thorough research and incredible designs was very much appreciated. I’m not sure how many other synonyms for ‘amazing’ I can inject into this testimony. Thank you Fat Beehive, we can not wait to work with you again in the future.

David Swann, Digital Project Manager

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