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CARE International

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The challenge

With a global reach, CARE international works to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. In 2019 alone, CARE worked in 100 countries and reached over 68 million people across over 1000 projects. Central to this is the organisation’s focus on women and girls who are disproportionately affected by injustice across education, health and economic equality.

As the coordinating body of 14 members and 6 affiliate bodies, CARE international needed a new website which acted as the central repository for all global positions and policies and provided a home for data at the heart of their programs.

The brief

CARE approached us with a number of issues they’d identified that needed solving and central to this was understanding their audiences. While the organisation was aware of data surrounding users, they wanted a new website which was tailored to their key audiences and prioritised their calls to action. Previously there had been no audience strategy so this was essential to any new development.

Alongside the audiences, CARE prioritised upgrading their CMS to a more flexible and innovative platform that catered for greater digital accessibility and intuitive UX for their updated ‘where we work’ map feature. Moreover, the existing website content was cluttered and lacked a clear structure, often leaving users confused and disengaged.

New CARE International 'where we work' and donation landing pages
Fundraising and global impact were central to the new experience.

The process

Through our Discovery process, we differentiated between primary and secondary audiences to provide key focus areas surrounding UX, information architecture and design. By identifying advocates and institutional donors as primary audiences with supporters, staff, and partners as secondary, we created navigation structures and a homepage layout that simplified journeys for these users and nudged them to engage with relevant content or perform specific tasks.

One of the central and core tasks involved in developing the new website was to create a fresh experience and design for how CARE International could highlight its global impact. The finalised route involved creating a 3D, interactive globe which would allow users to navigate the earth and identify projects and initiatives in real-time. Behind all of this sat a huge raft of data which needed to be organised and translated into the feature whilst allowing the CARE team to update these as projects progressed.

CARE International donation page
Simplified UX provides the potential for more effective fundraising.

The solution

Striking a balance between impactful data and emotive human interest stories, the new website represents CARE International’s global reach and demonstrates a more professional image to potential advocates and donors. 

The new ‘where we work’ map is an engaging and easy-to-use tool that harnesses multiple pieces of data and reformats this into concise snapshots for users to analyse and compare. In addition to this, reach and impact data provide users with the opportunity to explore CARE’s programs and how these directly engage with women and girls across the globe.

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