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Passionate for the work we do, and proud

Read about why our team are motivated and love to work at Fat Beehive in this transcript of the 5 minute film “Passionate for the work we do, and proud”.

Video transcript

Anna Alabau, Senior Producer: A big part of working at Fat Beehive is the clients that we work for. With your work you are an actor of these changes and can help them achieve their goals. There is a correlation between my skills and what these charities ultimately achieve.

Danny Winning, Designer: It’s good to have a client that everybody knows but also to kind of have the same values and views of a client as well – helps a lot.

Caroline Taylor, Head of Client Strategy and Partnerships: It’s not just about rolling out projects, getting them done. We make sure that they’re the best because we believe in what we’re actually doing. Particularly for producers we always chat to them when they join about what kind of projects they would like to work on, what type of clients and who would be their ideal client.

Danny Winning: I feel like ‘passionate’ for the work we do. When sites go live you kind of do feel proud to have worked on it and know, like, it’s going to actually make a difference.

Ash Matadeen, Developer: One of the things that has kept me here is that I get to work on a variety of projects. I don’t even work on the same project all day for one day. Working directly for a charity would not be as rewarding as working for an agency like Fat Beehive. In a way I feel like I get to have a wider ranging impact than if I was working for a single organisation.

Anna Alabau: Working as a producer in an agency, you have the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients which means you’re not stuck with doing the same task over and over again. Your knowledge and your view is much much wider so you come to understand how solutions that apply to a client can benefit another client as well.

Caroline Taylor: The supportive side of what we do is really paramount to the success that we have because it’s not just the everyday supportiveness of the team but you can see it in how supportive the team are of the clients. People really want the client to do well.

Anna Alabau: As a company I feel like we are quite tight-knit people and not only as co-workers but also looking after each other and there’s always this feeling that everyone wants to help each other improve.

Ash Matadeen: It’s a nice group of people to work with. You can usually approach anyone and have an open discussion and try and solve a problem with them.

Caroline Taylor: I like working with our developers and our designers, it’s a rarity with the team that we’ve got that all our developers are very much client-facing developers.

Anna Alabau: There’s knowledge sharing, there’s training, there’s meetings where people put things in common and you get to learn about a lot of disciplines that might not necessarily be yours but they make you a better professional.

Danny Winning: It’s just a really nice environment to come into every day. Kind of happy to come into work with so many great happy people. Everybody feels the same way, has the same attitude and is happy to be here and wanting to help with the clients we work with.

Anna Alabau: If you know me you’d know this is the place that I want to be in and the place that I want to work in, where you have flexibility to work in the best way that you need to.

Caroline Taylor: There’s a lot of flexibility over the hours that we can do which means that work often will fit in around your life, whether that’s just going for a walk or working funny hours and on a particular day so you can fit in your family life; when you’re at work you’re you’re positive, you’re happy.

Danny Winning: I decided to move back up north where my family is. Being able to still have the opportunity to work here and be able to also live close to family and see my daughter more – it’s just perfect. I work here 3 days a week in the office so get to be in the office and still feel part of Fat Beehive.

Anna Alabau: It is actually very difficult in most companies to say something and be heard. To see that you do, and change gets actioned – not five or ten years down the line but at the moment that you say things or shortly after – is great.

Ash Matadeen: We are able to go and volunteer for a charity of our choice. We can do that for one or two days a year and we’ll get paid for it.

Danny Winning: It is a bit cheesy but it is Iike a big family and everybody just gets on no matter what.

Anna Alabau: It just helps to have a very good environment to work in, its very nurturing.

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