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25th June 2020

8 reasons to use ‘nudges’ in your donation ask

In partnership with Third Sector, Fat Beehive has produced a guide to incorporating behavioural science into your fundraising

The cover of the '8 ways behavioural science can maximise your digital fundraising' report

Behavioural science is the psychology behind human decision-making. Pioneered by academics like Nobel prize-winner Richard Thaler and his 2008 book ‘Nudge’, it has grown to improve government processes and even influence elections

Yet it’s still not widely adopted by the charity sector. With websites being the perfect test-beds for the application of behavioural science theories, we’ve partnered with Third Sector to help charities and social enterprises increase their donations through nudging. 

Visit the Third Sector website to download the full report and drop us a line if you’d like to know how we can apply these techniques to your site.

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