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Our team

Internationalism is at the heart of our hive. Drawn from all over the world, we share a common drive to contribute to social good in all its forms. Our whole team has been living and breathing charity web design for many years and totally understand how to revolutionise your site – or brand.

Fat Beehive team

Mark Watson Chief Executive Officer

Caroline Taylor Head of Client Strategy and Partnerships

Huey Nhan-O'Reilly Head of Production

Anna Alabau Senior Producer

George Hargreaves Client Partnerships Manager

Abi Calver Client Strategy Manager

Ben Serbutt Head of Creative

Jane Hughes Designer

Stuart Wilkes Head of Technical

Ash Matadeen Developer

Zoe Kitley Head of Technical Solutions & Support

Danny Winning Designer

Sarah Cox Developer

Jon-man Cheung Producer

Marwin Meléndez Developer

Threeya Thirunathan Producer

Luke Berte Producer

Rob Danavell Operations and HR Manager

Tom Moreton Founder

Trupti Kini Developer

Mark Watson


Mark has a digital and charity background, having set up one of the UK’s first digital campaigning networks in 1997, whilst the Campaigns Director at Stonewall. In 2000 he launched, which became the UK’s biggest LGBT community website, winning Best Consumer website in 2002. He has held elected office in Croydon, where, as their digital champion, he won Digital Council of the Year in 2017. He is a trustee at Croydon CVA and Croydon Pride. When he’s not figuring out what employee benefit to implement next, you can find him running staggeringly long distances for charity.

@Mark_Watson1 ald-mark-watson

Caroline Taylor


Caroline has worked in the technology and digital sector with not-for-profit organisations for over 15 years. She has a fantastic understanding not only of what it takes to build a great charity website, but also how to make sure your digital presence keeps working for you in the long-term. A firm advocate for women in tech, she is a mentor both inside and outside Fat Beehive and regularly speaks at industry events. She also loves a challenge and walked 100km in one go in aid of the British Liver Trust last year!

@caz_taylor caroline-o-taylor

Huey Nhan-O'Reilly


Our production team is led by Huey, who has spent his career at some of the best agencies in the UK, Asia and Australia, leading teams and projects for Disney, Xbox, Coke, Unilever and others. He then took his commercial experience to the United Nations, before deciding to use his tech superpowers exclusively to make a positive impact on the world. His passions include human rights in all its forms, podcasts and ramen (not instant!).

@hueynhan hueynhan

Anna Alabau


Before joining Fat Beehive, Anna worked at a multinational digital agency, where she was a project manager working on website builds, cloud solutions and mobile apps, and also wrote content for both the company and its clients. She adores all things visual and is an avid tester and researcher of UX, UI, IA and any kind of new or emerging technology. On a personal level she is incredibly passionate about women and girls’ rights and tackling homelessness.

George Hargreaves


Coming from a professional background in writing and translation, George is passionate about communication in all its forms. He is here to help your organisation navigate the available website and branding options in his friendly, upbeat way. George has a longstanding personal involvement in the charity sector, particularly mental health, and will make the process of choosing your approach as open and supportive as possible. If we can get him off the climbing wall long enough, that is!

@gdhargreaves1 george-hargreaves-61345093

Abi Calver


Abi is our resident specialist in Conversation Rate Optimisation, SEO and Google Analytics. She’s also been in your shoes, having worked in digital for several international development charities before joining Fat Beehive. She believes in a data-driven and user-centered approach to digital and is here to make sure that your website plays the most effective role it can in your overall communications strategy. When she isn’t thinking about data, she is usually striding up a new mountain peak. OK, she’s probably thinking about data there too.

@AbsCalver abi-calver

Ben Serbutt


With over 20 years experience in content strategy, branding, digital campaigns and web design across the third sector and beyond, Ben is our guiding hand for all things creative. An RSA Fellow, he combines behavioural science with design thinking to cut through the digital noise and bring your organisation’s purpose to life. An avid magazine collector, when he’s not busy being a dad you’ll find him nose-deep in the latest redesigned publication.

@benserbutt benserbutt

Jane Hughes


Jane has several years of experience designing & building websites for a huge variety of clients. She has a keen interest in UX and enjoys helping to ensure that our websites are both functional and user-friendly. Having worked as a designer in the digital marketing sphere, Jane is equipped with the skills to design a website with top-quality SEO and performance to match its visual appeal. She’s an amazing baker and keeps the team supplied with tasty vegan treats. Come in for a meeting and you’ll see what we mean!

Stuart Wilkes


Stuart has worked for some of the biggest charities in the UK, spending a decade at Shelter and ActionAid in senior development roles. His in-depth knowledge of the not-for-profit space is matched only by his extensive understanding of technical issues. As a long time fan of Apple products, a highlight of his time at ActionAid was being asked by Apple to be a launch partner in the UK for Apple Pay for donations and building the first implementation into their site. He’s a keen runner, recently completing the London Landmarks Half Marathon at a gallop.

Ash Matadeen


With over 7 years experience at Fat Beehive, Ash uses his skills to solve clients’ coding needs efficiently. He has worked on projects with a wide range of complexity, from simple content publishing websites to custom web shops, membership sites, CRM integrations and web applications. Ash also has a degree in Physics from the University of Birmingham and was born in Mauritius, land of the dodo.

Zoe Kitley


Zoe has over 10 years’ development experience with 7 years working client side within an agency setting. She is skilled at interpreting requirements and helping to guide clients in finding the right technical solutions for their needs, from CMS selection, site structure and data management, through to integrations and hosting solutions. She adores everything feline and her cats are such regular companions on video calls that they’re pretty much honorary Fat Beehivers.

Danny Winning


Danny has been working for Fat Beehive for over 10 years, so has an in-depth knowledge of all conceivable design issues our charity clients face. His great skill is adding those extra touches to our website builds that really make them stand out, from subtle movement to the perfect type treatment. When he’s not styling his fantastic beard (which is even better in the flesh), he is usually cheering on his beloved Millwall.

Sarah Cox


Sarah has 20 years’ experience as a PHP/MySQL and WordPress dev, so she’s seen it all in the world of digital. As well as working on projects for BMW and Next, she’s also used her digital skills to further gender equality in sub-Saharan Africa and to help tackle cancer. She is really passionate about animal welfare, marine and environmental conservation – and her ultimate passion is to dive cageless with Great White Sharks. Aargh!

Jon-man Cheung


Jon-man has worked with charities for over 5 years and is passionate about the social change that can come about from their work. With a Computer Science degree and a love of people he enjoys finding out what people want and how to achieve neat digital solutions, including CRM integration. As a Coventry City fan, he is accustomed to hard times and will do his best to ensure you don’t have to go through the same pain he does every weekend!

@jonmancheung jon-man-cheung

Marwin Meléndez


Marwin has worked in the IT industry for several years in Poland and his native Venezuela for companies ranging from corporations to family-owned businesses. In London, he has gained great experience in charities and open source software. Now at Fat Beehive, he does what he enjoys the most in IT, utilising free software, providing charities with a web platform and an online presence to achieve great things. A contemplative soul, he enjoys long walks, indie rock and films – good ones only, of course.

Threeya Thirunathan


Threeya combines a personal passion for the charity sector with extensive experience as a project manager in the commercial world, where she’s worked on projects for Disney, Land Rover, Unilever, eOne and others. She’s super calm and friendly – even by Fat Beehive standards! – which is probably down to all the knitting and dancing she does outside work. Forget yoga, it’s all about yarn for Threeya!

Luke Berte


Luke has multi-sector experience in both an agency and publishing context. He has worked as a digital editor and copywriter for clients such as Camden Climate Change, BT and Toshiba. With an interest in web production, content and all things digital, Luke will make sure your site looks great and performs to its full potential. He once stated that keeping his clients and their users happy helps him sleep at night, but we reckon all that cycling he does has a helping hand too!


Rob Danavell


Rob has 10 years experience in the charity sector as an Operations Manager and Communications Consultant. He has been actively involved in fundraising for charities, undertaking some unique challenges like running 2010 miles in 2010 and surviving a year where anyone could challenge him to do something for a donation. Rob keeps the team running like clockwork, leading on HR and operations, while helping us become known by more good people in need of digital solutions.

@BobDevani rob-danavell-6673106/

Tom Moreton


The brains behind the Hive, Tom was one of the trailblazers when it came to bringing tech to Shoreditch. He has always been driven by a desire for authenticity and compassion in business, being a proponent of tech for good before it was cool. He founded Fat Beehive in 1997 to digitally support charities committed to bringing about positive social change, and has been the sole owner ever since. Besides bees and building great websites, his main passions are skiing and cycling. Downhill snowbiking, anyone?

Trupti Kini


A long-time Drupal and WordPress developer, Trupti co-founded PyLadies Mumbai for fellow women in tech who love Python as much as she does. Before moving to the UK she taught open-source tools in schools in rural India to help spread her knowledge and skills to harder to reach communities. When she’s not keeping our clients’ websites working perfectly, she’s an amateur trekker, traveloguer and blogger who can spend hours writing.