Project Literacy

Project Literacy

Drupal 8 Rebuild


The challenge

With International Literacy Day fast approaching, Pearson’s wanted to relaunch their Project Literacy site. Built in an older version of Drupal which was limiting their ability to make necessary updates, the old site was in need of a re-fresh.


What we did

In just six weeks, we rebuilt the existing site in Drupal 8 working alongside the client’s design agency, FBC Inferno.

Central to the approach we took is a highly flexible layout builder that enables non-technical editors to create different layouts that best suit their content. This components-based approach is uber flexible and means that the site can continue to be adapted over the coming years simply by adding new components. This is a website with serious legs!

We wanted to make a quick and simple donations journey for users where they are never more than a click away from making a donation. We think you’ll agree, it’s one of the easiest processes you’ll find on the web!