International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission

Cybersex Campaign Site


The challenge

IJM needed a low budget, quick turnaround campaign that was hard-hitting, provided key information and statistics and inspired people to take action – either through donating or joining their #notonmyscreen campaign.


What we did

To keep users’ focus, we kept the campaign on one page rather than spread across multiple pages. To keep their interest, we framed the page as a story with clearly defined chapters that lead users down the page to the final call to action.

We were lucky that the team at IJM were able to provide top quality imagery and video for us to use. We took full advantage of the amazing photography, utilising the photos as background images for each section. By sizing each section to the browser with smooth transitions between them, the user is able to focus on the information one step at a time.

Instead of using traditional video embeds we built video playing functionality into the page, creating a more interactive experience for users.

Slick animation and an on-theme typeface create an immersive experience that amplifies the impact of the page, and looks pretty snazzy too!

"We are delighted with the site Fat Beehive produced for our campaign. They took our content and turned it into something both powerful and beautiful, both hard-hitting and yet a positive user journey. The staff were willing to go above and beyond in order to ensure the project was as strong as it could be, even in the tight time-frames and budget available."

Rebekah Hill, Marketing Communications Executive