End Violence Against Women Coalition

End Violence Against Women Coalition

WordPress Website Build


The challenge

The End Violence Against Women Coalition had an outdated website, built on a non-responsive content management system. The site didn’t reflect the dynamism of the Coalition, presenting their content in a very flat way – hardly inspiring!


What we did

The rebuild process started with comprehensive user testing. This revealed the surprising breadth of the Coalition’s audience – from students and teachers to lawyers, researchers and politicians, it was apparent that the site needed to cater for a wide variety of people and their needs.

We created a story-based navigation which leads users through three of EVAW’s key messages: giving hope, preventing abuse and supporting abuse victims. This is one of several aspects of the site that helps give it a dynamic feel, reflecting the activist roots of the charity.

The cards on the homepage give the team at EVAW great flexibility when it comes to highlighting content that’s relevant at any given moment, so the site always appears active and fresh.