Business Human Rights Resource Centre

Helping the vulnerable eradicate abuse


Custom search system, Drupal, Multi-language, News, Resource library, Web design

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The Business Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) work to advance human rights in business. They track the human rights abuse and advances of companies around the world, and help the vulnerable eradicate abuse. Their mission is to build corporate transparency and accountability, and to empower advocates.

Creating a bespoke import script to migrate their content into the new content management system (Drupal), we also restructured content while we were at it. The aim was to make content management more automated rather than the laborious manual relating of items.

We have created a future proof system and solid foundation that enables the user to interrogate the resources in their own way. This has allowed the user to seamlessly move through the site depending on their goals. Each piece of content can be found in many ways, via companies, via topics, countries, sectors, search, or rss feed on any of the above.

The site ties together records in a legible story, so that users can put a report, article or lawsuit in a context of the wider human rights case; tracking company’s responses to BHRRC and their overall performance in the human right’s field.

Key Features

  • Dynamic loading and filtering of contents on the page using ajax
  • html5 history API for advanced browsers for enhanced user experience
  • Behind the scenes work to make searching the 70,000 records speedy