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Schroder Charity Trust

Innovative grant application management system built in Drupal 8

How we helped

The challenge

Previously, The Schroder Charity Trust managed the hundreds of applications that they receive on paper, and had no online presence at all. The move online also raised the need for a basic brand style including a logo; something they’d never had before.

Our approach

For the brand, we kept things classic and stripped-back. With no available image library, the strength of our design rested squarely on typographic principles. Our bold design keeps potentially dull pages such as forms visually interesting.

Our solution

It was essential for us to ensure that all stages of their application processes – from submissions to shortlisting and grant approvals – were effectively and securely replicated in an online application that could easily be understood by applicants and administrators.

The out-of-the-box features of Drupal 8 CMS provided much of the core functionality required, which kept costs down and even enabled us to show a quick prototype to the client during the planning phase. Customisation of Drupal tailored critical aspects of the system to operate in the same way that the Trust works.

Applicants can apply, check their status and view copies of their application and all functions are equally possible on mobile devices. Conversely, we built in checks to ensure that applicants cannot do certain things that cause unnecessary work for the Trust, such as reapplying too soon or requesting grants within areas that the Trust do not support.

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Schroder Charity Trust logo
“We felt that we were treated as a priority for Fat Beehive which was reassuring, as the project was our first ever website, so we had no prior experience. Very good, clear training with appropriate user info - this was very important to us and it went well. The site is simple to use, plus we have the reassurance of an ongoing support contract.”
Sally Yates, Charities Manager

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