Embracing employee diversity

Our equality and diversity training was carried out this week by our CEO, Mark Watson. The insightful sessions have been a great reminder of the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Mark has spent time throughout his career conducting equality and diversity training. He has gained a range of qualifications in this area and is a Chartered Manager, a Stonewall Equality Trainer, and spent time as a Cabinet Member for Equalities (Croydon Council) and working with the Equality Commission advisory group. He is also an Accredited assessor (National Equality Framework).

At Fat Beehive, we’re lucky to have a team of individuals from around the world with a variety of experiences and backgrounds.

A wider range of perspectives and cultures brings multiple ways of tackling problems and working through solutions. We like to think that our wonderful clients feel the benefit of this when they work with us, and long after their websites have been built.

Equality and diversity in the workplace can’t be brought about through a series of happy accidents. Proactively building a culture of hiring and recruiting people from all demographics and walks of life, is key to moving barriers and creating equality in, and out of our working environments.

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