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It's ok not to be ok

Why mental health is so important to us at Fat Beehive, told by one member of our team

Right here, right now

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), which supports men at risk of suicide, and The Mix, a crisis support charity for young people, have created an Instagram zine to help those starting university feel more emotionally secure.

HMRC opens £1.6m tax support fund for charities

HM Revenue and Customs has announced it will allocate £1.6m in the year from April 2019 to charities who can offer extra help to members of the public to understand and comply with their tax obligations and claim their entitlements.

Fat Beehive's Planning for Pregnancy webapp for Tommy's

Planning for pregnancy with Tommy’s

Fat Beehive and Tommy's created a digital tool that not only helps women plan for pregnancy but also makes sense of the many factors that may affect their chances of having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Using digital to make a difference

Fat Beehive are delighted to be sponsoring the Digital Innovation of the Year category at The Third Sector Awards on Thursday 20th September. All charities recognise that digital has a huge role to play in meeting service user’s needs. Each of the four finalists below has come up with a brilliant idea to harness new technology to help solve some of the hardest problems facing society.

Caroline and Katy in training

Why organ donation is particularly important to me

There are millions of registered organ donors in the UK, but sadly three people still die every day in need of a transplant. Therefore, this Organ Donation Week 2018, NHS Blood and Transplant are campaigning for Words Save Lives.

Doing things differently

TAP LDN is a new charity that gives homeless people contactless card readers to sell art cards themed on a issue in the news, providing them an income and raising money for local charities testing the changing habits of Londoners who no longer carry cash.

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