Our approach revolves around engaging with an organisation and its audiences. We follow an evolving process that ensures we will deliver an effective, appropriate and correct website.


Creating your website will be considered, inspiring and satisfying


  • We are your dedicated guide

    We work in collaborative partnership with you. Your input is an integral part of the website development – we can’t do this without you!

  • The many parts of Web

    We consider your audience, brand, resources, technical knowledge, budget, timelines, afterthoughts and support requirements.

We prefer to start at the beginning

“We felt that we were treated as a priority for Fat Beehive which was reassuring, as the project was our first ever website, so we had no prior experience.”

Sally Yates, Charities Manager, Schroder Charity Trust

Research and Strategy: An evidence-based approach


To design an appropriate website we need to understand your organisation and your audience. User Experience (UX) work is the pause before we put pen to paper, and gives us a solid basis to create a website that addresses your audience and your organisation.

Content Strategy

We can provide help with your content by creating in-depth guidance on type, structure and tone for your entire website in a content strategy.

Search Engine Keywords

As a part of a content strategy or as a stand alone element, we will create a search engine optimisation plan and train you in how to implement this into your website.


Project management is a dish best served cold

Project Management

We define projects by creating specifications, wireframes and prototypes. We organise and run projects using long and short term schedule planning, time tracking and issue tracking tools. Flexibility is a key asset in managing our clients' projects.

“Fat Beehive delivered a well-designed and very flexible website that allows us to present a huge amount of varying content types to best advantage. ”

Deirdre de Barra, Senior Information and Digital Manager, Tommy's

Jargon Schmargon

We stay away from jargon to describe our methods. We work with great flexibility from the beginning of the project until the point where the specification and wireframes are pinned down.

Figure out the project, then execute it

Once we have agreed and signed off a visual design, we work on an agreed and tight timeline. This provides controlled budgets and controlled risk for our charity and not-for-profit clients.


Design and Build – the execution of all things


Design brings our ideas, distilled in the UX, specification and wireframes, to life. We build the website with a modern, open source CMS to create an accessible, responsive website (working from mobile phone to large desktop screens) using best practice standards.


Before sunrise - training and snagging


Training is an integral part of our website developments; we provide detailed training with materials. During content input we provide tools for you to detail minor changes and snagging issues with your website. Often overlooked, this is a crucial stage of website development.


Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship


Our support team provide friendly assistance with your website under a comprehensive Service Level Agreement. Our account managers advise and plan further developments with you. We deliver supported websites which develop with your organisation year on year.